Trading Tools

Trading Tools
Computer & Hardware
 Virtual & Paper Trading
Charts & Scanners
   Computer, monitors, internet, phone, and hardware are essential for properly trading.

A reliable and quick computer or laptop is necessary, with a fast internet connection.  

  Smart Phone with a mobile data plan that you can use as a backup internet connection with appropriate apps.
Follow the link for detailed specification for best options on Computer and Hardware.
  Trading Simulation by using virtual and Paper trading will help you to fine-tune your strategies. strongly advised prior trading any account with actual money.

A very important aspect of using day trading simulation is the ability to become comfortable with the trading before you use real money.
There are many different types of platforms from web based to desktop.
Review your Brokers Platform and if they have a trial version, Practice with your Brokers trial platform.

Included couple links to put you on the right path
 Different types of scanners, simulators, charts and software needed to stay on top of the trades.

Day Trading Strategy and Analysis software, which provides visual buy/sell alerts on your chart. Includes key resistance, volume, support levels and targets.   
Links to the trading signal generator and how to use them.

Our goal is to make sure you have the edge over other traders

Suggested links and software that will help you stay on top.